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Dear Muslim Braderan
Welcome to Christian and Muslim Debate..Our primary interest is to provide the academic resources to study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity and to stimulate genuine debate between Christians and Muslims on a wide range of topics. We make a careful distinction between dialogue and debate. While both are equally important, we feel that dialogue in itself is only a preparation for debate.

I did my best to gather some of the best debates i heard on this blogs. It is my prayer and wish that as you go through each video it will help you to “… prepare your minds for action…” (1 Peter 1:13).


The Purpose of uploading my testimony to share my relationship with the One and Living God who shed His Love through Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior my life.


  1. My Interest to Know about Christianity
  2. Some Crucial Question regarding the Bible
  3. What Does Quran Say about the Bible?
  4. About Trinity
  5. Questions regarding Jesus dying on the cross
  6. In which prophet salvation was found Mohammed or Jesus.
  7. Get Free Resources On Islam and Christianity
  8. A Letter to My Muslim Friends
  9. 13 Important Questions asked by Muslims

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God Bless you

Sabir Ali

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